PREMIER Group is associated with the reputation for facilities of a high level of complexity and, most importantly, quality. By purchasing or leasing offices or apartments through PREMIER Group, you can be confident in the most effective and practical investment
INVOLVED from 2016 to 2018
Ekaterininsky Park is a truly massive and significant project for Ekaterinburg The total development area is 27 ha.
INVOLVED from 2016 to 2018
The office of the largest metallurgical holding in the country, Russian Copper Company. The project was designed by british architect, winner of the Empire and Pritzker awards, Norman Foster. His preeminent works are: 30 St Mary Axe in London, which is the building of Swiss insurance company Swiss Re and known also as The Gherkin, an exhibition hall in Singapore, and Hearst Tower in New York.
BC Summit
Commissioning 2011
A striking landmark in the center of business and modern life in Ekaterinburg. A building with a clean, stylish concept and unique architecture, SUMMIT is an A-class business center and holder of the “Golden Brick” CRE Awards in Commercial Real Estate, the most prestigious and significant award in the field of commercial real estate.
Premier RC is a modern and functional residential compound of varying heights, built according to a unique design. All homes feature high-end engineering systems and state of the art equipment, which is used in the building and decoration of the halls and facades.
It is the logical, conceptual continuation of the modern and functional Premier Complex.


What we imagined yesterday has been brought to life in the city today. And how it will look tomorrow is already known. Only the boldest and most daring projects will be implemented in the coming decade. Who is behind this? PREMIER Group. Many built Sverdlovsk, but those who made it unique, distinctive, and utterly extraordinary - only a handful. Malakhov, Volkhin, Demintsev, Babykin, Belyankin, Alferov... They shaped the aesthetics of the city space, forever inscribed in its one-of-a-kind architectural landscape. The names of architects of the past will not fade neither from history nor from memory, but new ones will be added to them - the names of people, who in ten years are able to shift focus, change the map of the city, and make it comfortable, beautiful, and new.