Ekaterininsky Park is a new project which will cover 27 ha., the first phase of which will be commissioned in 2020.

The PREMIER Group of Companies together with architects has developed an area planning design for the new district in the very center of Ekaterinburg for 300 thousand sq.m.

Preserved in the block is the building of the Thomas (Foma) Gasper Yates mechanical factory, the model of industrial architecture in Ekaterinburg during the second half of the nineteenth century, which will be kept and restored and will acquire new functions as PREMIER Group thinks about preserving the history of the city and carefully addresses it.


Founded in 1817 on the river Melkovka as a gold mill and built by the famous architect M.P.  Malakhov. After it was converted to a “private manufacturing facility for the production of various kinds of machines”, it was an iron-casting and mechanical factory, the owners of which became the Yates family, immigrants from England.


The architecture of the Sverdlova street with its distinct style which is commonly called “Stalin’s Empire” served as a model for visual solutions of of Ekaterininsky Area. The tallest buildings being located in the outlying areas of the Sverdlova street, as not to disrupt its usual appearance.