Headquarters of the Russian Copper Company

Russian Copper Company is one of the leading producers of copper in Russia. RCC received international recognition for its intelligent and technologically advanced approach to copper production. PREMIER Group is the general contractor of RCC headquarters in Ekaterinburg.  

RCC headquarters are designed by the world renowned bureau Foster+Partners and this will be the first building in Russia built by the famous British architect Norman Foster. The structure of the crystal lattice of copper gave the facade its design. The color scheme also references the company’s field of activity - the noble copper color looks winning against the sky, the building is the geometric center of the axis of the Radishcheva street becoming an architectural landmark of the embankment.

Norman Foster

– is a British architect, winner of the Empire and Pritzker awards. Foreign honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts (2004). Simplicity, sustainability and practicability are the main principles in the work of Norman Foster, who was made a knight by the Queen of England and, later, a baron.

The name of this architect is associated with remarkable and striking architectural structures of the last decades around the world. This is the famous London “gherkin” - a 40-story tower, Mary Axe. Located on the street Saint Mary Axe, it is the government building City Hall and is one of the most talked about buildings in London. Hearst Tower in the center of New York fit naturally into the architecture of Manhattan and is the headquarters of the media empire Hearst Corporation, and Khan Shatyr (Khan Pavillion) in Astana has become the new symbol of the capital of Kazakhstan and is the largest hipped construction in the world.


The combination of sections of 3-layer glazing and blind surfaces will provide heat retention in winter and protection from high temperatures during the summer.

Front unit consists of 200 items (usually 20) and to build it a heated hangar was constructed. For the installation of one of the modules with a weight of 9 tons, a special crane was used.

White architectural concrete that does not require additional coating or painting is exclusively made by specialists of PREMIER Group.. 

The principle of energy conservation, which Foster+Partners espouses, was a factor that influenced the appearance of the facade, therefore window openings are at an angle. Because of this, the rays of light are scattered evenly throughout the area, the opaque part of the facade blocks the sun’s rays in the summer, and the transparent part allows natural light to penetrate in winter. The facade is tiled with triangular panels of stainless steel mixed with copper, the color of which will change depending on the time of day and ambient light.

The building has a modular structure: 2-story office blocks are located on one another on both sides of a central corridor with public areas. Total area of the office building is 14 thousand sq. meters, 15 floors, 7 blocks with two floors each, the first floor is doubled.

On the upper floor there are offices for top management of RCC, facilities for negotiations and a lounge zone. A garden will divide the space in the courtyard..