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Archangel Michael Shooting Range is a unique sports training complex. So unique, experts say, that there are none like it anywhere in the world.
During construction, the specialists of PREMIER Group used cutting-edge materials and technologies that could accommodate several thousand square meters of modern facilities for training and competition in practical shooting.
The area of the shooting gallery is 1,200 sq. m. All walls - side, back and front - are made of bulletproof materials.
The building is equipped with the latest laminar flow ventilation system, when air flows are updated continuously, so that the shooters do not breathe the products of gunpowder combustion. The system takes 30% of air from the street, and 70% is filtered and returns the shooting range again already sterile.
A unique lighting system allows you to simulate training conditions as close to real life as possible, and the space itself can be changed by using dividers.
Archangel Michael Shooting Gallery comprises a museum: it contains a few dozen machine guns, submachine guns, shotguns, some of which date back to the XV century.