Premier 2 is a conceptual continuation of Premier RC: the comprehensive development and the responsibility of PREMIER Group for its facilities at all stages, from design to operation, has allowed us to create a single architectural ensemble. In addition, its modern communications and smooth operation of all services, a private landscaped courtyard with children’s and sports grounds, recreational areas, and infrastructure.

In each section of houses, on the first floors there is office space with separate entrance and parking spaces.

The RC is deep in the block and not out on busy roads, which only adds to its appeal. High floors offer a panorama of the Botanical garden and the South-West forest park territory, a modern playground, a two-level parking for tenants,a shopping center, a school and other facilities provide residents with comfortable and safe accommodation. Within walking distance to public transport that connects Premier 2 RC with all parts of the city.

In the courtyard, a kindergarten has already opened and nearby there are a new modern school and large supermarket chains.

The Premier 2 is comprised of one 5-story office section, and the residential area of two sections of 25 floors and two sections of 17 floors. Apartment layouts are as comfortable as possible - from studios to spacious apartments, consisting of three or four rooms.

When finishing the facades, materials of high quality, environmentally friendly materials, and brick veneer were used, which allows us not only to further retain heat in winter but also makes the exterior of buildings attractive for a long time.

All sections are equipped with modern engineering systems and high-speed noiseless elevators 

The house is in private management and the PREMIER Group and many employees live here, which again confirms that PREMIER is responsible to all its facilities and continuously monitors their operation and quality of services.

For security, there are surveillance concierges and security, which makes staying in the complex a European comfort.