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 Premier Residential Complex is located in Ekaterinburg at the intersection of the Serova and Tsiolkovskogo streets. It was the first example of residential development in this part of Ekaterinburg, when the developer, PREMIER Group, provided all the development details of the territory, from infrastructure, recreational areas and existing transport interchanges, to the comprehensive development of the city for many years to come.

Thoughtful planning decisions allowed us to build a housing complex “comfort class”, which became a pilot for a complex of such a level in the southern part of Ekaterinburg.  

A closed-house territory, children’s playground, two-level parking for tenants, shopping center and other facilities provide residents with comfortable and safe accommodation. Within walking distance to public transport that connects the Premier RC with all parts of the city.

The building is located in a private property of PREMIER Group and many employees live here, which again confirms that PREMIER is responsible for all its facilities and continuously monitors their operation and quality of services. 

Premier RC comprises 6 residential units (two 25-, 17-, 9-story sections) and one 5-story office. The windows of the upper floors have a magnificent view of the city - the Botanical gardens, Uktussky mountains, and the center of Ekaterinburg. 

The complex consists of one-, two-, three- and four- bedroom apartments of varying layouts, ranging from 44 to 111 sq. m. The total number of apartments is 665.

In the finishing of the facades, materials of high quality and ecologically clean materials were used.

All sections are equipped with modern engineering systems and high-speed noiseless elevators of Hyundai – they rise up to the 25th floor in 40 seconds.

For security, there are surveillance concierges and security, which makes staying in the complex European - comfortable and premium.